By offering discount incentives to existing and prospective new customers and distributing them only within the geographic area of your choosing, saavr will help build your customer base with a targeted approach key to your local demographic.

Saavr is a new alternative way to advertise to local customers. Here are only a few of the many benefits saavr offers.

Continuous presence in your area through the month
Instead of sending out an ad once a month and having it thrown away, saavr give local customers the opportunity to take advantage of your offer everyday of the week.
Low monthly cost
Saavr is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise to a local target market. When factoring in the continuous presence, saavr is the best value for your advertising dollar.
No contracts. Quit at any time.
Saavr wants your business to succeed. If at any point you feel saavr isn’t right for you, your saavr offer can be changed and or canceled on a monthly basis.
Gives you a local-based and a web-based presence.
Not only does saavr give you a local, physical advertising presence, but it also gives you a web-based presence that can be presented and saved on any internet-capable mobile device.
Link saavr to your social media outlets
Saavr’s web-based offer can be linked and shared via your or your customer’s social media accounts, offering the ability to pass you offer to limitless customers.
Added value to your existing customers
Your existing customers will appreciate that you will be giving them the opportunity to take advantage of other offers in the neighborhood.

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