make it mobile.

connect your business’
offers and coupons
to your customers
in a fresh, new way.

introducing saavr

a new way to reach local customers.


what is saavr?

Saavr is an advertising program that targets your business to local customers through community cooperation and customer incentives.

how saavr works.

Saavr distributes and displays discount cards throughout a network of key locations in the area around your business. Customers are able to take these discount cards and redeem them when they visit your business and take advantage of the discount savings.
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saavr benefits.

By offering discount incentives to existing and prospective new customers and distributing them only within the geographic area of your choosing, saavr will help build your customer base with a targeted approach key to your local demographic.
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$50 OFF per Month

For the First 3 Months.

($150 total value. Three month contract required Expires 6/30/15.)

first come, first saavd.

Be one of the first to sign up with saavr and receive a generous discount for the first three months of your first campaign.